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Bitci.com works with a 24/7 active infrastructure that enables you to manage your investment smoothly and intervene whenever you deem necessary, with its system based on user experience and global user habits. Bitci.com shares all of your transactions with graphs, statistics and profit and loss tables for free while you manage your investment.


Blockchain's new star

Shop & Sell Privately

Find the products you love without someone looking over your shoulder. Manage your own store while staying private - and paying no marketplace fees.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Send and receive payments via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Zcash all from one wallet. Earn and spend crypto in the XPAY marketplace.

Private Encrypted Messaging

Chat with sellers, buyers, and your friends all over the world with X-PAY STORE end-to-end encrypted messaging.

Social Networking

Follow friends and the top storefronts to get updates and find out what they’re up to. Post photos and messages for others on the community feed.

Advanced Tech Made Simple

XPAY uses several advanced technologies to keep your information private while being simple to use. You don't need to know how decentralization, cryptocurrency, or end-to-end encryption work. They work for you now.


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